Pinnacle Professional is a dedicated inventory management software used by Automotive Dismantlers in Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

But Pinnacle is more than just a tool for entering parts and creating invoices: Pinnacle is a business system for dismantlers, a system that can help a dismantler to buy better stock, process cars more efficiently and sell more parts, and in doing so, build a stronger and more profitable business.

So how do you use Pinnacle to make your business stronger and more profitable? There is no simple answer to that and a quick look around the Pinnacle menus will show you that there are many different reports in Pinnacle and many tools for pricing, stock control and car buying, as well as work modules for order filling, dispatch, shipping and delivery, part brokering and buying at auction.

The challenge then for everyone who uses Pinnacle, whether you see yourself as a traditional car wrecker or as a modern auto dismantler, is that you need to know how to find the information in those reports that will tell you what you need to know about your business. And when you choose the tools that are there in Pinnacle they need to be the ones that suit your business and will help to solve your problems.

At Dismantling Solutions I have been able to put my 10 years of experience working with Pinnacle (and 30 years of experience with the dismantling industry) into finding the answers to these questions and so I am able to help every dismantler to use the business intelligence and the tools available in Pinnacle to make their business better!

Steve Tapner.