Key Personnel
Have you recruited a new staff member to a key position in your business? In sales, inventory or administration? Or are you concerned that someone who is in a key role could do his or her job better? You can greatly improve an employee’s chance of success by giving them specific training in Pinnacle.

Dismantling Solutions provides training for key staff – either on-site or remotely using TeamViewer. Remote training is charged at an hourly rate and documentation for key roles is available.

Additional Modules
There are modules in Pinnacle, such as Work Order Manager and Shipping & Delivery, which are often not introduced into your business until you have been using Pinnacle for some time. These modules add efficiency and accountability.

Dismantling Solutions can help you introduce these modules and benefit from their features.

Best Practice
Sales, Inventory, Production and Dispatch all have to communicate well with each other to reliably and efficiently turn the cars you buy into the parts you sell.

Dismantling Solutions can work with your staff to ensure they are working together to provide the best outcome for your customers and for you.